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beach and house knocked down. >> it did not get knocked down. >> did your house get knocked down? >> that's another story. thank you, lastly to the fans that made "the five" what it is. thank you for sharing your holiday with us, we so appreciate it, thanks everybody, have a wonderful thanksgiving. ♪ . >> giving thanks here in america, and so far the middle east cease-fire seems to be holding and this is special report. . >> ♪ >> good evening, and happy thanksgiving, i'm shannen breen in for bret baier. officials in the obama administration are praying that a cease-fire between bitter enemies halfway around the world will last. and an update on the fragile truth between hamas and israel. >> life in gaza and southern israel appears to be normal. as markets reopen and children play outside for the first
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time in eight days. and in a telling sign, israelis troops began to pull back from the border with gaza. as many as 40,000 israeli reservists hold up for a possible ground invasion were allowed to return home. >> hamas and thousands of supporters took to the streets of gaza today with its leader, and declaring the recent violence, a victory for the isl islamic militant group. >> and this victory is over and will never come back again. >> despite more than 160 dead and hundreds more injured, palestinians are celebrating, the cease-fire agreement not only calls for an end to the violence, but also, the easing of israel's blockade of gaza and palestinian major demands for the past five years, as the fragile cease-fire continues, israeli leaders are claiming victory even though
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the jewish state had rockets and six israelis killed including two soldiers. the military says its bombs inflicted serious damage to hamas' leadership and its ability to fire rockets into southern israel. >> we acted against the terrorist groups, and the target. and things will be over the years were destroyed. >> despite the claims of victory, it's not clear after days of violence that anything has changed between israel and hamas. neither side trusts the other and the prospect for a long-term peace agreement are removed, shannon. >> connor powell live in jerusalem, thank you. president obama is urging americans to put aside the partisan differences and come together. and the president is getting credit for pushing the middle east cease-fire and chief congressional correspondent, no one is taking any victory
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laps just yet. >> and as preparation of the presidential viewer for the inauguration continues outside the white house, prime minister has dealt with a crisis in the middle east and could turn into a huge issue. the secretary recognizes end of hostility could be short-lived chose her words carefully. >> the united states welcomes the agreement for a cease-fire in gaza, for as a whole the rocket attacks must end and broader calm return. >> the white house shows the president and clinton in cambodia before he dispatched his secretary of state to the middle east and a picture of mr. obama aboard air force one and speaking to mohammed morsi who received high marks for his constructive role in the cease-fire, although a critic offered this praise. >> i think actually it may be president obama who gets more credit here. i think he pressured both egyptian president morsi and
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prime minister netanyahu to come to this deal, because i think he was afraid that the conflict would expand. >> today, morsi granted himself far reaching powers, placing all of his decisions, past and present above judicial oversight and protecting the islamic dominate panel of the constitution. although morsi is a member of the brotherhood, padilla is denouncing peace offerings, and says that jihad is mandatory for muslims and calling on them, quote to back your brothers in palestine. a former push administration official says that mr. obama must be helpful and attentive to the middle east, but that only goes so far. . >> he can't infuluence parties that do not seek agreements between themselves because the agreement is only as good as the parties themselves. and if one feels they have the upper hand it's brief. it's a tightrope that the president has to walk. and recent presidents have tried to secure a lasting
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peace in the middle east, which has been elusive to this point. >> i don't know what deliverable president obama could be looking for for his legacy. i think the best thing we could hope for is a status quo of peace. and nonviolence. >> president obama called ten deployed service members today and thanked them for their service and sacrifice, aen the white house officials say he wishes the troops and their families a happy thanksgiving. >> we do as well, mike, thank you. >> it's been more than two months since the deadly terror attack in libya, no major leads that we know of. one of the key players in the controversy surrounding the incident is finally speaking out. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that story. >> reading from a prepared statement on the eve of thanksgiving, ambassador susan rice responded forcefully to criticism that her remarks on five sunday talk shows on september 16th indicated na an anti-islamic youtube video led to the benghazi attacks ten
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weeks ago and why she downplayed the role of terrorism. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary. and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers. >> senator john mccain and others would like for director of national intelligence james clapper return to capitol hill to explain why he told them last week he did not know who changed the tension talking points and now his spokesman told it was clapper's own agency. >> it's clear to me no matter what the administration said that susan rice and the whole administration was pushing a narrative that this was some sort of a protest gone bad and that was not true and they knew it wasn't true and i
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believe it was done for political reasons. >> the president nominated rice to be his next secretary of state despite strong objections from senators such as john mccain. >> i have great respect for senator mccain and his service to our country and i always have and i always will. i do think that some of the statements he made about me have been unfounded, but i look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him. >> another republican senator says rice would have tough going in a confirmation hearing and that the president should choose cabinet members who would give him bad news if necessary. >> the worst thing he could have are people that are yes people, people that don't have the depth of experience and knowledge to help him avoid dangerous events, like the spin they tried to place on benghazi. >> the investigation into who killed four americans is stalled. reports from the ground in benghazi suggest the gunman who were at the consulate that night, still freely roam the
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streets and wednesday national security chief in benghazi, the colonel was killed by three gunmen as he returned home. work and libyan intelligence officer may have had information who was behind the attacks on ambassador chris stevens and the others. >> none of us will rest, none of us will be satisfied until we have the answers and the terrorists responsible for this attack are brought to justice. >> so far there has been no military reaction from the united states. and few suspects have been named or questioned by the libyans. three libyan militants were handed over to authorities the night of the attack according to sources at the annex. it's not clear what happened to them. and whether the fbi requested to speak with them, shannon? >> thank you, jennifer. >> and activists say syrian rebels seized a key military base in the east and n.a.t.o. says it's considering turkey's request for air defense batteries, but even if the alliance approves, they will he' take weeks before they're
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operational. >> a taliban suicide bomber struck a session over night and 23 people were killed. it's the latest in a series of bombings, targeting shiites during their holeiest months of the year, was one of early america's secretary moments actually terrorism? that's later in the grapevine. up next, helping the needy during one of america's signature holidays. >> and rockets, and my mom happy thanksgiving and christmas and my wife and kids and-- >> i'm at the afghanistan, rc south. and just want to give a happy thanksgiving to my wife pamela, my sons joe and ben, and then wish you guys happy thanksgiving and merry christmas. [ female announcer ] the next generation of investing technology
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>> super storm sandy is gone. an unusual thanksgiving in the northeast. the city of new york is distributing almost 27,000 holiday meals in neighborhoods reeling from sandy. tonight, anna kooiman shows us how some members are giving like never before. >> i thank god and thank the people of rockaway. everybody came together and we'll pull through this. later, guys. >> take care. >> you always love family and in the storm, everybody became a family. >> and in the wake of superstorm zahn, enough turkey
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and fixings, to feed a thousand folks in need. in rockaway. >> we have one corn, open, two-- >> in the previous years, fed 600. >> and there's so much need and not enough dollars to go around. the church looks different than it has for the past 18 years, the basement was flooded, and they're running the thanksgiving operation using generator power. >> when you take rockaway and ocean side and bellmore and massapequa. >> there's massive devastation on horrendous levels. >> eric snow was in the dark over a week and had flooding from eight to ten foot storm surge and teaching his kids that volunteering is the reason for the season. >> and it makes you feel good and that i'm able to help other people, because, really, we thought that we were hurt bad, but other people were hurt bad and makes me feel good helping other people. >> the outreach is not just about food.
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it's also therapeutic for sandy victims to talk to volunteers. many have been cold, wet, in the dark and alone for several weeks now. >> they he leave here, have their bellies full and also able to share experiences and people are here to listen. >> and-- our community is exactly that, it's a community. and it's one person needs help, another person is there to pick you up. >> the new york giants football team is funding the outreach campaign. in fact, they're giving away some of the free gear to try to keep the victims warm. as for the church, also a distribution center giving away food and baby formula and blankets and serving between 70 and 100 people daily since they opened election day, shannon. >> thank you, anna. >> and this will probably be the last thanksgiving with large numbers of american combat troops in afghanistan. about 66,000 service members are still there and they celebrated thanksgiving with some of the holiday trappings
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of home. most americans troops are supposed to be out of the country by the end of 2014. the salvation army in canada says it's been overwhelmed by offers of help, following the theft of 2 million dollars for toys and donations and it's believed as many as 100,000 items are for the organizations to run a warehouse over a two year period. and a local toy company is donating $100,000 worth of toys and the salvation army in ottawa have been fired. of course donations like those here in america are like those tax deductible and with the u.s. approaching a fiscal cliff, there are rumblings of big changes and some could impact charity. the and here is the national correspondent tim angle. >> thanksgiving, a time to relish one's blessings and help the less fortunate. >> in the scramble to avoid the fiscal cliff, both the president's plan to raise taxes on the wealthy and the republican willingness for revenues could end up hurting charities and rely on the kindness of people with money. >> high income people tend to
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give very generous gifts. they may give a million dollar contribution to a capital campaign of a local hospital or a local art museum and a small number of donors at the high end that account for really big chunk of the charitable giving in this country and those are the folks that we'd be most impacted by this tax policy change. >> in fact, united way gives 15% of total donations, 500 million dollars a year, from those who give $10,000 or more. so, charities worry that any kind of tax increase on the wealthy could cut into their donations and that money from the wealthy would go to the government in taxes, instead of the charities as donations. >> yes, they aren't taxed on that income, then they're able to give all of that income to charities and nonprofits, back to their communities. >> after all, people have to pay their mortgages and other deductible expenses, but they don't have to give to charities. >> they do receive the tax incentive, but the tax incentive is not why most
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people do it, it just really impacts how much people are able to give. >> republicans argue against increases in tax rates, for fear it will discourage, and they prefer a limit on deductions and perhaps a cap, any one taxpayer could claim such as $50,000. >> you can take it for anything you want, you can't take more than 50,000, an in addition to tax increases on the wealthy, president obama has his on plans for tax deductions, limit them to 28%. >> if you were in the 35 or 33% tax bracket you could only deduct 28% of the cost of, say, charitable contributions. >> charities don't care what form it takes, they're worried about any tax plans representing the wealthy, representatives of dozens of charities will converge on washington on december 5th to urge lawmakers to spare charities whatever they decide to do. shannon?
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>> tim, thank you. still ahead, will it be a particularly bleak black friday for wal-mart and its customers? but first, the top republican on the senabudget committee. what can be done to avoid the fiscal cliff? >> i'm at 187, a shout out to everybody at home. happy thanksgiving and see you guys in a few months, back in nashville. >> i'm harris from the expedition forces and here in bagram, afghanistan, like to give a shout out to my mother. happy thanksgiving, i love you mom and i wish the best of luck to everyone in savannah, georgia. i love you guys. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz
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>> senator session, you're the ranking on the budget committee. and there are hurdles to get through. i want to ask you about comments about senator reid talking about how he's making it difficult for things to be brought up and you say he's abused the power in the senate to a degree that has never ever been done. how so. i don't think there's any doubt about that. for example, he's controlled the minority party to have amendments to bill after bill after bill after bill and he also has refused to have a budget for three years and the reason is, when you you bring up a budget, you're guaranteed to have the right to amendments and full debate and he's refused for three years to bring up a budget to the floor of the senate and once again, we're headed into secret negotiations with a few leaders and meeting in secret. they'll bring up a settlement presumably, hopefully, until the fiscal cliff, december 24,
3:23 pm
december 31st and ask everybody to vote for it without amendment and without any real discussion and knowledge by the american people of what's in it. and so, this is so contrary to the great senate understanding where the great issues of our day are debated at length and people have unlimited debate and, you know, really, discuss the great challenges we face financially in this country. >> and do you feel like the american people are going to miss out if this isn't debated on the senate floor or committee hearings that are public where people can see firsthand what's going on. can you worry as the republican you'll be asked to vote for something or cast your vote towards something that you didn't personally have any part in negotiating and your party decided that's the way to go and you better fall in line and vote for it. >> absolutely. see, that's what happened in the tarp. the bailout deal in 2008 and then beginning in august a year ago, when the budget control act, that all came up at the last minute, the 59th minute of the 23rd hour and it
3:24 pm
was not the right way to do business. and let's just think about that. and so, we're saying to the american people, you don't even get to know what your representatives are voting on. you don't even see the bill. it's not out there in print, in language form, and so, that you can hold accountable the people that you send to washington to represent you. i think it's a fundamental serious habit we're getting into. it's a danger to the heritage of the senate and we need to not continue this. >> what are the odds you would puthem at for getting something done both sides can agree to before we get to the cliff? >> shannon, i think we have to reach an agreement. we have to avoid this cliff if there's any way possible and there's plenty of ways to do it. the truth is we've seen this coming well over a year, i mean, we had nothing in september. one little bill that we spent on for a week and went home,
3:25 pm
nothing in september. and then we had a sportsman bill up last week that-- and none of the gray issues that we knew we were discussing were discussed in the senate. and the budget committee's not meeting. the finance committee is not meeting. and so, we are pea relegated to a group of people meeting in secret, plotting. and some sort of scheme that they think is best for america. but really, all the senate needs to be engaged and the american people need to be engaged. >> senator sessions thanks for making time for us this week. and happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> thank you. >> consider this, was the boston tea party terrorism and what chicago mayor's doing to get parents involved in schools. the grapevine is next. >> hi, i'm corporal watson in kuwait. i want to send a thanksgiving shout out to my mother and father in north carolina. >> i'm stationed in i-140 and happy thanksgiving and go seahawks. dietitian,
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>> fresh pickings from the political grapevine. teaching the boston tea party and terrorism and same day as al-qaeda. and teachers are instructed to read this report and it just happened in the last hour. and a local militia attacked the privacy of citizens at the port and no one was injured, but a large quantity of merchandise considered to be valuable to owners and loathsome to the perpetrators was destroyed. the terrorists, apparently intoxicated were able to escape into the night with the help of local citizens to harbor the fugitives to conceal their identities. and they believe it's by the occupying government. and trying to determine mo the terrorists are and where that event happened. and chicago mayor rahm emanuel is looking at ways for moms and dads to show up at
3:30 pm
parents-teachers conferences, they're offering a reward showing up at 70 schools. los angeles times in calling the card a bribe, says, is it what it's come to, the only way to get parents to fulfill their basic responsibilities is with a financial incentive? walgreen's is picking up the tabs hoping to encourage more shopping in its stores and finally, a new hampshire woman is mad as hell and couldn't take it anymore. the shop owner endured salvation army workers technology bells from morning to night five weeks out of every year, quote, i listen to this for 200 hours a year and this is my fourth year and i can't take it anymore, i'm sick of it and makes me hate christmas. trying to get them cited under the noise ordinance and the police isn't feel it was justified awe a local salvation army representation is looking for ways to lower the shop owners and including giving ringers a bell that didn't audibly ring.
3:31 pm
and many stores are beginning sales tonight. wal-mart is one of then and the nation's largest retailer is dealing with a labor issue on this huge shopping weekend. and james rosen has been watching that for us today. good evening, good evening, and happy thanksgiving, we were expecting by now a ruling from the national labor relations board, in response to last friday's urgent filing by wal-mart, seeking an injunction to prevent picketing that is planned for tomorrow at 1300 of the retail giant's stores across the country and these actions against wal-mart began in october and were the product of an apparent collaboration between the united food and commercial unions workers, or uscw and a group of disaffected wal-mart employees who call themselves our wal-mart. and the company claims it's effectively trying to unionize wal-mart's work force without following the laws that stipulate late after 30 days of protests, the union must petition the labor relations board for election, on whether to form a union. unfair labor is working
3:32 pm
full-time and living in poverty, responded our wal-mart member, harris, texas, unfair labor is seeing your health care premiums skyrocket year after year, denied the hours needed to support your family. wal-mart knows what unfair labor is because we endure it every day. >> and what your laborers were and what you receive. if the employer feels you're worth more and they will he' get more. for a lot of people complaining about the working conditions, they're perfectly free to go out and find another job or start a company of their own, that's how the free market works and should work. >> an investigators from the national labor relations board, across the country deposing witnesses and focusing on documents and what constitutes picketing and the precise nature between the uscw union and our wal-mart. the national labor relations board is comprised of four members, one republican and three democrats. two of the three democrats
3:33 pm
were named by president obama as recess appointees. >> tomorrow is the day that the protests will roll out if they're not abandoned at some point. and expect the nlrb to possibly give a decision because time is of the essence. are they under obligation to meet a deadline. >> there's no statutory designation for the labor relations board to rule. and they're taking six weeks we're told for the board to adjudicate and they're aiming for a 72 hour deadline. they missed that. >> we're on it and come back after the break. >> i will. >> and cash strapped postal service is looking at a premium service for internet shoppers. december 12th if all goes well, it will expand next year to other big cities and the companies such as and wal-mart have similar services. we're one holiday closer to the fiscal cliff and we'll
3:34 pm
talk about it with the fox allstars when we return. >> hi, i'm captain elliss here in kuwait. and i want to send a special greeting for thanksgiving to my beautiful children, desiree and jalen, in the hometown of pembroke pines, florida. i miss you and i can't wait to see you, love you! bye. gotcha. covered. whooooh. [ male announcer ] black friday will never be the same. with our 1-hour in-stock guarantee, get here between 10 and 11 and you're guaranteed to get these electronic gifts in time for christmas. the first and only place to go on black friday. walmart.
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>> when you're looking at policy changes, impacts a small percentage of donors, that change can have a really significant impact and we know that it would impact united way pretty dramatically. >> well, high income people tend to give very generous gifts. and cap their deduction 50,000 they may do a lot less than that, that generates a lot less revenue for the government and also generates less for the charities. >> all right. the fiscal cliff. changes to the tax code and how it affects charity. let's bring our panel. fred barnes, executive editor of the weekly standard. kirsten columnist and charles crowd hammer, welcome to you all. and thank you for coming to thanksgiving and share your wisdom with our viewers, we appreciate it. and fred, thank you, a lot are pointing out this people have to be food on the table and
3:38 pm
don't necessarily even if they don't want to give to charity and if there's a cut back, if that's eliminated, how is it going to play out. >> it didn't happen in the short run, dealing with the fiscal cliff, and i don't think it's going it happen for the simple reason, the people who are the biggest donors as a couple of folks said, introducing this issue, are the most powerful people in the country. they're republicans and democrats and give, this is would decimate hospitals, museums, colleges, universities, so many charities, and that's why it's just not going to happen. and research organizations, and look, there's a lot of money there to be gained by the government. but, it won't happen because the elite of america are the big donors, the richest people and they're going to, they're the not letting this happen. >> every deduction and loophole benefits somebody or some business and a reason it's in the tax code now. and kirsten, do you think there's a chance it's on the table and when you negotiate, it has to be up for cushion.
3:39 pm
>> it's going to be on the table, but whether it's something to be bart tered away, but there was a fi philanthropic survey, and said their motivation tore giving money wasn't the tax deduction, they want to be charitable and involved in their communities and said that that wouldn't really change the dynamics very much and they've also sort of factored in the fact that they're expecting their taxes to go up and none of this is a surprise to them. so, i think that it's probably, it's not just the thing that's going to make as big of a deal as for example, taking away the home mortgage dehe ducks and cause rioting, probably. >> and people having disposable income for other things and charles, if you couple that, if any of the cuts did happen. and we're at a time when people are more in need than before. more people on food stamps and government assistance than before. so, charitable need is up, but
3:40 pm
you know, the possible outlook of charitable giving going down. >> that's the major argument to retain the deduction, because there are so many institutions that need and give and do. but there's another one that i think is overlooked. all the other deductions and credit are ways for the government to influence you, exert power over you, to buy a house instead of renting. charitable is where you choose where the money goes and the government is sort of adding power to your choices. so, it's strengthening all of these institutions that fred had mentioned, the churches and the research institutions and the universities, and these are all the-- with the government and the individuals. so, where is the growth of the government over a century has diminished all of these institutions and marginalized them and these are the
3:41 pm
institutions that are the ones that of sort of the little platoons that stand up against the government and so i would, despite the fact that we had to do a lot of cutting of deductions and the only one i would protect entirely exempted from any of these cuts, would be charitable because it's precisely the thing and in essence drained some of the power out of big government and allows individuals to decide on civil society it actually wants to empower. i keep it for only that reason, as well as the reason of course that the institutions to help the needy. >> and can i say one thing, promote what people told the pollster, i don't believe it. and less than a third said it will affect their giving and of course it will foekt is enormously if they can't deduct. it will involve a lot of money and the organizations know it will affect the charities and so on and fight against it so
3:42 pm
aggressively. >> and many have lobbyists and fred barnes, on the record saying people do lie to pollsters. but obviously we know a lot of things are up for discussion, all kinds of tax rates, tax cuts. today, republican senator saxby chandler talked about that and said the fiscal cliff, what the country says to him. over the tax pledge that anybody has signed to get a lot for having folks and it's not pledge with him. it's a pledge that people assigned with constituents and do you think that republicans are going to cave on some of these things? >> you mean the bush tax cuts? >> that raises a question whether it's under the tax cuts or whether they insist that some of the revenue raiser and so, you know, obama agrees to give us some coverage and the revenue and something else, and bank of america is pretty harsh out on the ledge in terms of the bush tax cuts and i think the comments, bill crystal saying, what's the big deal, why don't we tax millionaires, if you
3:43 pm
have enough republicans coming out. gives the president to fight for this and i think that the republicans have to ask, do we really want to go down fighting and is this the mountain we want to die on fighting for 1% of the country? and so i'm not going to predict. i don't know what's going to happen because i found the behavior of people on the hill very unpredictable. >> it is. and something else on the table, the president's health care law coming from folks saying it's such a huge driver of the economy if fully implemented it has to be up for negotiation. house speaker john boehner wrote an op-ed. the president's health care law, massive expensive unworkable at a time when the national debt sees the size of our economy, and we can't afford it and we can't afford to leave it intact and clear that the law has stay on the table as both parties discuss
3:44 pm
ways to solve our nagsal debt challenge. where is it going. >> nowhere, he's right about everything he writes about, but it's a disaster, no way it's going to be stopped. it was an issue that the country decided this election, obama staked a claim and he won. the supreme court was the only other way it was going to be stopped. it wasn't stopped, it's not going to be stopped now. and the idea that to oversight committees in the house could stop this is absurd. look, i think it's right. it's going to be disastrous and should be cut back or dismantled, but elections have consequences and this is one. so, i think it's not on the table and republicans can pretend it is, but it's not. there's a lot of other stuff on the table and that's rates and i think if you want to plant a flag, you plant it on rates and not on obamacare. >> and i want to-- >> said with a smile. >> and this is totally it's not on the table in washington. it is on the table in every, on the table in every state capitol in the country and governors and there are republicans so far, john
3:45 pm
kasich in ohio and scott walker in wisconsin and others in more than a dozen, and adding up and saying, no, we're not going to set up the exchanges and what health insurance plans are sold and the key, charles, the law says if the state doesn't set up the exchange, then the federal government has to, that the subsidy that those cannot get a subsidy, cannot get a tax credit. so, look, the fight is on. not to repeal, but certainly to change the law. but it's washington that will decide what's going to be traded to avoid the fiscal cliff and i can guarantee that obamacare will not be involved in those-- >> i agree with na part. >> and until next year. >> all right. panel, stick around. up next, holiday shopping, wal-mart and the fight over unions, it's not over. wish a happy thanksgiving, i love you so much and back home.
3:46 pm
>> i wanted to truly wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and a special shout out to my precious wife and my family back home in virginia. but before i leave i want to say one thing, have an attitude of gratitude. with verizon. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this friday, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon.
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>> time and time again our associates conclude that they don't need a deal. that they appreciate the opportunities at wal-mart and we appreciate our associates, we can't have a black friday event without an associate. >> pay is an issue for some of us, a lot of us tired of living in poverty, a lot of us on food stamps. >> i can't live off that. >> i don't know if i should go with my morals or just go with
3:50 pm
my need to have an income at the moment. >> and two sides of the debate at wal-mart as they knew are on one of their busiest day of the year on friday are facing a walkout from current employees and talk about it with our panel, fred, kirsten and charles, nobody escapes back to their turkey. what do you make of this. we expected or thought there would be a decision from the national labor relations boardment and wal-mart essentially a petition we don't want this mass protest tomorrow and doesn't meet with federal law and doesn't stop. >> i'm shocked at the democratic heavy ap nlrb has not issued a ruling on thanksgiving that would have gone against the ticketers and they are studiously collecting depositions and more information. so, they can have an issue of ruling on mondays, which, whatever it is, will be completely moot because the picketing will go on today and tomorrow, but i would like to reissue the safety warning i
3:51 pm
did yesterday. attention wal-mart picketers, the only place more dangerous than to stand before an early morning shopper on black friday bargains is to stand between chuck schumer and a camera. >> oh. >> they're both a very dangerous place, but that's really said in jest. what you have to understand about this, the serious issue, the picketers are required if they're going to picket continuously required over time to at least begin to file for unionization and i think it's the absence of that that makes these potentially illegal. >> and we talked about this yesterday, of course some folks would agree first amendment gives people a right to speak up especially if they feel they're under adverse conditions, there's a protocol that the nlr bchb has to follow and i know you're not a fan. >> and i feel about this exactly i felt exactly at this
3:52 pm
time last night. the last 24 hours? >> i really find it astounding that people are not just out right outraged the ooh idea of a government-- we're not talking about a strike, we're talking about a protest and you get a-- have a place for the picketers to be, but beyond that. >> that's the rub though, and ten states legitimate investigation has to go on. is it a strike or picketing, is it aimed towards unionizati unionization. >> by the way, i don't think they have a right to tell people whether they can strike or not. we're talking it's a narrow thing, protesting and anybody who thinks that this is okay, what are we waiting for. they have no say in it whatsoever. >> it's a constitutional right, and it's a freedom of speech, it's a freedom of assembly and this is of all the areas you don't want the government you know, moving in
3:53 pm
on, this is it. >> but, this is aimed at unionization, it's different than a protest. and-- >> and the whole nlrb case doesn't matter at all. the bigger picture here is that wal-mart is crushing the unions, and trying to unionize their employees and more than 4500 wal-mart stores and warehouses and you know how many of them have been successfully unionized. >> sear he ocirsea zero and eve have a protest wal-mart needs to have more regular hours and so on. 1.4 million wal-mart employees, you know how many signed? fewer than 1500. this is a puny protest that the press shouldn't be paying much attention to and the only thing that attracts the attention there may be, you know, fights or something outside of stores, and people trying to get in tomorrow. >> and wait until tomorrow. black friday. >> the truth is, union workers at wal-marts just do not want
3:54 pm
ton unionized. >> all right, well, here i want to say this from the competitive enterprise institute and i will list the first response of this is going to go to kirsten, so, let's roll. >> what your labor is worth and what you receive. and if the employer feels you're worth more and you'll get more. for lot of people complaining about their working conditions and they're perfectly free to go out and find another job or start a company of their own and how the free market works and should work. >> i teed it up, kirsten, first shot to you. >> let them eat cake, who cares about these people. you have a woman on there saying, i work, i have a job and i'm on food stamps. >> we should be concerned about that, look, if wal-mart doesn't care about that, i don't think it speaks very well of them. and i don't think this idea na people should go off and find another job. perhaps the reason a lot of people don't want to unionize is because they can't, they can't lose one of their many jobs, probably. i mean, these people are people who work very hard and
3:55 pm
i think that they have a right to ask for better pay, and health care, and regular hours, and by the way, there are a lot of complaints about wal-mart that go beyond even this, just the working conditions in the warehouses and things like that, so, i just -- that attitude to me is just so dismissive of legitimate grievances that workers have. >> all right, now, we want to leave on a positive note because it's thanksgiving and we have very short time, so, charles, what do you think before this year, i'll go around. >> and if you're in this country, you are, winning the lottery. one in seven earthlings is an american, and if you're born here you're lucky. my father born in austria, my brother in rio, i'm the only one that has the luxury of being born in the united states and when you are, part of the most generous country on earth, the one those liberated the most people ever and that's as close to-- i mean, that's the secular equivalent of grace.
3:56 pm
>> i agree with that, but i would add as a woman, i think that women in the united states are the most blessed of, in any country aen that, i mean, we have to be thankful every day for the freedom and opportunity that we have compared to what so many women in this world go through. >> and thankful for the women in my life. right now what i'm thankful for, robert griffith iii, the most exciting player in the national football league in my lifetime. >> all right, we'll see if you still feel that way in a couple of hours and we'll check back. that's it for the panel and stay tuned, the americans celebrating this holiday of thanksgiving and could be another one added to the calendar soon. >> happy thanksgiving, merry christmas and we do what you do for you guys and when it boils down, that's what it is, i love you and love everything do you for us, merry christmas, happy new year, god bless. ♪
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
(announcer) when subaru owners look in the mirror, they see more than themselves. so we celebrate our year-end with the "share the love" event. get a great deal on a new subaru and 250 dollars goes to your choice of five charities. by the end of th, our fifth year, our total can reach almost 25 million dollars.
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it's a nice reflection on us all. now through january 2nd. can get you a great deal on the items you want? i don't know! let's go see. vizio 60" smart led for $688. that's a $310 savings. that is amazing! the first and only place to shop this black friday. savings start at 8pm thursday, more electronics at 10pm. walmart. >> >> shannon: finally, today is a day to focus on the things we have to be thankful for. some of you are already looking ahead yet to another holiday. >> sir, shouldn't we say grace? >> i will do it. today we give thanks for the food on our plates, for happiness and health. and for the amazing low prices at our favorite chain stores where we will stampede and trample one another to save a few bucks on cheap crack we will give to people we don't even like that

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